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Welcome to West Side

At West Side, we are all about community – moving from strangers to friends, from friends to family.
We belong to each other in a world that often leaves us feeling alone.

We find common ground in our commitment to follow Jesus Christ, and to live out his befriending mission in the world. During this time of COVID-19, our need for community and a deeper understanding of Christ’s love, has never been more acutely felt! We are eager to see what Christ has in store for our church, our community and our city!

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey! 

Sunday worship at 9am. No reservations needed.

We will now conduct one worship service at 9am for everyone. We will continue to provide online worship at 9am for those who cannot attend in-person.
Find out more information on our Worship page.

Worship with us,
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Welcome to West Side

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The BIG Story Playlist

Music tells a story in ways that words just can’t. So what’s the playlist for the BIG Story of God’s rescue mission in the world – and how do we sing along? This summer we’re hitting “play” on worship as we take a road trip back through the BIG Story of the Bible.

We would love to have you worship with us!

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